Monday, January 13, 2014

Remote login to Raspberry Pi Desktop

  Remote log in is the concept where you can log in to other PC by using the IP address of the device and use the resources of it.In case of Pi it comes handy when you want to operate your Pi without monitor or say you don't have it.I will show how to use putty and Xming to interact with the raspberry pi desktop.First download the required software as shown below..

Install the Xming and run putty.But before this we have to enable SSH in the Raspberry Pi ,To enable SSH from Raspberry Pi prompt type

 sudo raspi-config

it will show a window like this ,goto advanced options

Click on SSH which will show you a window like this now hit enter over Enable.

It's all done from Pi,now get the IP address of the Pi using ifconfig  and note doen the Ip.Now run putty Enter the IP of Pi in  IP address field andd 22 in port.

 click over right  hand menu on SSh and click x11 and set x-display location to localhost:0

Again click on session menu and save the settings by providing a  name , so that you can use it later.And hit open button.

 This will open a prompt and show some warning press yes and it will ask for login as give the username and later pwrd when asked .This is the terminal of the PI.If you are interested in desktop view type command ,


That's all enjoy................