Monday, July 10, 2017

Getting started with Linkit Smart 7688 DUO | First Look

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        In this video, we will see the specs of the module, Configure using the web interface, will access the terminal using SSH. So being said that let's get started. Now coming on to the board this comes is two flavors those are Linkit Smart 7688 and Linkit Smart DUO.Over here what I am having is the DUO module.The difference between both is that the DUO has an ATMEGA324 controller apart from the main MPU which can be programmed using Arduino. Checking out the board on the front side u get 2 Micro USB socket out of which the top one acts as am USB host so that u can connect USB devices to it. The second one is for providing power to the module which can be connected to any USB power source.In between the USB sockets, it has two LEDS which shows power source status and Wifi status. The Wifi LED also shows system status like if it is in AP or Station mode and much more. After that, we get 3 tac switches which are for MPU Reset, Wifi Reset and MCU reset. In the front side, most of the area is covered by the shield which hides the MPU below it which is MT7688 MIPS24KEC controller having WiFI and Ethernet stack and clocked at 580 MHz. It also features 128MB of DDR2 RAM. After that, on the front side, we also get the chip antenna for WiFi and an IPEX connector if you want to add your own high-gain antenna. Now coming to back side of the module it features MicroSD card socket the Atmega324 microcontroller for Arduino which is clocked at 8MHz. In the back side, you can also see the  32 MB of flash memory chip. Coming onto the GPIO exposed as male headers from the module they feature 27GPIO, 12 ADC with 3.3V, 8 PWM, 1 I2C, 1 SPI,8 External interrupts, 3 UART Lite ports.