Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Making PCB at Home

              By using the conventional APBS which are available in market ,making circuits becomes messy as you have to do all the connections using the wires and of-course it looks ugly.So to avoid that and get a beautiful circuit of your own at a cheaper cost i  am providing this article.

To make own PCB we need Copper cladded board,Hydrochloric acid,hydrogen peroxide,one driller,laser printer,Software to make the circuit design,magazine paper ,one press iron and water.I  have given where can you get all the materials.Now all the processes step by step..

          First of plan the circuit you are looking for and roughly draw one schematic over a paper.Now by using any software for schematic design draw your schematic in your PC.You can get a lot of free schematic software with a little bit of googling.I have used DIY Layout cretor which is a freeware one.

        Now take a printout of the designed schematic by using one laser printer over one glossy magazine paper.Donot use the inkjet printer as they donot have the toner.(Powder used in laser one).The picture should be inverted one.

      Cut a desired piece of PCB and wash it cleanly with alcohol or spirit so that to avoid any oily substances over it .Put the printout over the PCB (print should face the copper side of PCB) and press it firmly by using a hot press iron so that not disturbing the paper position.Do this for nearly one minute. Let it to cool and now wash away the paper in water ,u will find the design to be printed over the board.
A piece of copper claded board available in market. Print of the schematic over one glossy magazine paper with one laser printer.(I have done with one marker)
Copy of the schematic over the copper board  by putting the print over the board and heating with one press iron.(I have drawn the schematic directly over the board and heated with the press iron by putting one paper over it)

Step -4
   This process is actually one chemical process.Take a plastic or fiber container.(metal container may get damaged due to the chemicals) and put 2 quantity of hydrogen peroxide and one quantity of hydrogen chloride.Put the board in the solution and leave it for sometime.

**Don't use your naked hands, use gloves.
Hydrochloric acid available in any hardware store.Take one time of it e.g:100 ml.
Hydrogen peroxide which is available at any local medical shop.Take two times of that of HCl.e.g:200 ml
Put the board after the step-3 into the solution and wait for sometime.Don't use any metal container.

Step -5
   Take the board out of the solution and wash it completely with water.Wash the board with alcohol to clean the black lines.And using the drill drill the holes in the PCB where u require according to your design.Now your PCB is ready for use.Rock with your own PCB.
Take the board out of the solution and wash it clearly with water and than remove the black lines with alcohol or spirit. A hand drill used for drilling ofthe holes for the components.Available at any hobby shop.U can also use machine drill. After completion of all the steps the circuit will look like this.