Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Getting started with ESP8266-01

                 Wi-Fi.....Sounds good right....What if you can make your next project with Wi-Fi interface and with cheaper cost even if lower then ENC28J60 based Ethernet module.....I am sure you will be the happiest one....So how is that possible..? Ya you red right you can get Wifi at cheper price then ENC28J60 and that's by using ESp8266 Wi_Fi modules.

               These modules are extremely cheaper and easy to use. In this post i will post about how to get started with ESp8266-01 modules.

Pin Diagram :

Connections :

        S1: Reset Switch
        J3: When you want to go into programming mode connect GND with GPIO0.

Working :
  Connect J2 with the serial converter from PC . Points to be must followed are :
      ** Must use a separate power supply. Donot use USB.
           Must use a 3.3 volt USB to RS232 converter like FTDI.

     Now connect the module with PC and use any serial Communication program and set with parameters 8N1 with baudrate 9600. Now reboot the module and you could see some garbage data getting printed on the console, don't worry everything is fine.

  Now provide command   "AT + (Hit Enter or CR+LF)"  to check the communication.

     If everything works good the module will reply,


Happy tinkering....